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White Mountain Imaging

White Mountain Imaging is the leading manufacture of two-part concentrate x-ray film developers and fixers. Adapting to the future with product and technology solutions for the evolving medical imaging market!


White Mountain Imaging manufacturers T2 Medical Imaging Processing Solutions and the IS199 Chemical Mixer. Also, a distributor of Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR) Digital X-Ray systems, Fuji Axon PACS, Fuji DryPix Printers, Fuji DEVO and Fuji Medical Imaging films for the clinical market. In addition, WMI distributes Genesis Omnivue Products, Essential,as well as the Assurance and Goldstar line of digital products.

White Mountain Imaging is the designer, manufacturer and distributor of the first two-part liquid x-ray developer. Other liquid x-ray developers contain hazardous components, produce strong fumes and unpleasant odors, T2 Developer's unique 2-part formulation is non-corrosive and non hazardous making it safer to use, manufacture and transport. T2 Developer provides quality and consistency while maintaining environmental and health conscious qualities to the user. White Mountain Imaging also designed and manufactuers the IS-199 chemical mixer for use in the developing of x-ray films. The IS-199 is the first mixer to utilize Specific Gravity control and straight forward direct circuitry. The accuracy and reliability is unmatched in the industry.


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Healthcare providers in Micronesia's partner in maintaining crucial medical equipments..


Provide safe and functional equipments to properly treat and diagnose patients.


Expanding its services which is a result of continuing education for our service engineers.