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Record of Performance

To demonstrate or company's capabilities and performance throughout the years, we would like to present a list of our clients that we service, and major projects we have completed over the years.

Commonwealth Health Center (CHC Saipan)

PBSI has had the opportunity to serve CHC for over the past sixteen (16) years initially starting with a contract to maintain all the life-support equipment in the hospital.

Over the years as we grew as a company and acquired additional service engineers with special skills in other areas of the hospital we continued to acquire contracts to expand our services to include anesthesia equipment and imaging equipment to include the CT scanner, ultrasound and mammography.

Palau National Hospital

Our experience with Palau National Hospital is verysimilar to that of CHC as we have maintain all the general biomedical equipment, hemodialysis and life-support equipment, making six (6) scheduled visits each year to Palau to perform maintenance and repairs.

From 2004-2006 we acquired contracts to provide a full-time service engineer at the hospital and maintain all their equipments to include imaging and train the in-house bio-med employees. For this period we maintained an office in Palau and supported the contract until mid 2006 when the hospital did not have the budget to continue the services.

FHP Health Center (Guam and Saipan)
FHP which was formerly Pacificare and is a large private healthcare provider and a client of PBSI for the past 12 years, maintaining initially all their equipment located in their Saipan Branch. In the past 9 years our scopes of work was expanded to include Guam and now maintain all their equipments to include dental. The type of medical equipments include general bio-med, life support andimaging.
Saipan Health Clinic & St. Jude Renal Care
Our Services for Saipan Health Center extends over a 12 year period and we maintain all their equipments in the clinic to include x-ray and ultrasound. Just within the past 6 years and a half, St. Jude Renal Care opened its doors and PBSI now maintains all their hemodialysis equipments.
US Naval Hospital, Guam
PBSI in September completed its seventh year of contracted service to the USNH, and the contracts extended for another year. Contracted servicesinclude all patient ventilators (adults & infant), anesthesia equipment, diagnostic ultrasound, hematology, microbiology and a urological R&F system. also for the past 2 years we have supported the Biomedical repair Department with 2 full-time service engineers t work within the department.
Horiba ABX Diagnostics
PBSI is the authorized service company and distributor for Horiba ABX and have worked with them for the past nine (9) years to expand their hematology equipment base in this area. To date we service all their hematology units at Diagnostic Lab Services, US Naval Hospital, Commonwelath health Corporation (CHC), anderson Air Force Base, Guam Public Health and Palau.,


Healthcare providers in Micronesia's partner in maintaining crucial medical equipments..


Provide safe and functional equipments to properly treat and diagnose patients.


Expanding its services which is a result of continuing education for our service engineers.