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UMG / Del Medical

We live in a world full of challenges and opportunities in varying degrees complexity and significance. These must be identified measured, analyzed and prioritized. That is our business.


DEL MEDICAL, Inc. is a leading source of innovative radiography products with over eighty years in the medical imaging business. It is primarily engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of high performance digital and analog medical imaging systems which are sold and serviced through a global network of authorized and factory trained dealers. The company’s extensive selection of configurations and accessories is designed to support hospitals, imaging centers, and clinics by tailoring systems to accommodate each facility’s various sizes, requirements and budget.  The company’s equipment products are manufactured in their Bloomingdale, IL facility. 

U.M.G. Inc., a privately held company founded in 1985 and headquartered in Harrison, NY, is a distributor and system integrator of digital and analog medical imaging systems to the radiology community.  The company acquired Del Medical Imaging from Del Global Technologies in November 2009.



Healthcare providers in Micronesia's partner in maintaining crucial medical equipments..


Provide safe and functional equipments to properly treat and diagnose patients.


Expanding its services which is a result of continuing education for our service engineers.