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Cardiac Science

Cardiac Science, inventors of the modern stress test, the single-channel interpretive electrocardiogram (ECG also known as EKG), and the first fully automatic bedside defibrillator, focuses on products for the noninvasive management of heart disease.


At Cardiac Science, we invented the first automated external defibrillator (AED) that was fully automatic, the single-channel interpretive electrocardiogram (ECG machine or EKG machine), and the first modern stress test.

We manufacture AED machines, ECG, cardiac stress and holter systems, vital signs monitors, and cardiac rehabilitation equipment. You'll find our AED and ECG / EKG machines in schools, military installations, hospitals, and doctors' offices worldwide. Cardiac Science services include AED management programs, CPR / AED training, record keeping, AED maintenance, and medical oversight of heart safe automated external defibrillator programs. We've implemented more than 20,000 AED programs worldwide.



Healthcare providers in Micronesia's partner in maintaining crucial medical equipments..


Provide safe and functional equipments to properly treat and diagnose patients.


Expanding its services which is a result of continuing education for our service engineers.