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Newport Medical

With a focused commitment to ventilator manufacturing, Newport Medical offers quality products, service and support you can always count on.

newport medical

Newport Medical Instruments is a privately owned, physician led company, focused solely on the design and manufacture of dependable, life improving ventilators that are accessible to caregivers worldwide. Designed for use with neonate, pediatric and adult patients, Newport ventilators are distributed in over 116 countries worldwide. Newport Medical can provide local, personalized service for all your ventilatory needs.

The newest member of the HT70® family of ventilators is now available. The Newport HT70 Plus® offers more features and expanded capability for use in hospital, home, long term care, transport, and emergency preparedness.

newport medical


Healthcare providers in Micronesia's partner in maintaining crucial medical equipments..


Provide safe and functional equipments to properly treat and diagnose patients.


Expanding its services which is a result of continuing education for our service engineers.